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BEFORE Barack Obama's message of hope and change in his historic 2008 campaign allowed him to become the first Hawaiian born, the first black, and the first mixed race President of the United States of America.
BEFORE winning the Nobel Peace Prize, taking out Osama bin Laden with SEAL TEAM 6, and signing into law his signature health care reform, which you might know as Obamacare.
BEFORE he gave you a reason to say “ thanks obama” !
BEFORE he faced unprecedented obstructionism from the republican controlled house of representatives—and way too many questions about his birth certificate.

arack Obama was born in Hawaii, which is—fun fact--actually a part of the United States, and not Kenya. While he will long be remembered as the first black man in the white house, he actually spent his childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia, surrounded by the white side of his family. Yeah! His parents separated when he was still a toddler, and Barack was raised by his mother and maternal
grandparents. As a teenager, his group of friends called themselves the “ choom gang” --a tight-knit bunch who would hang out often and smoke weed. Young Barack, or Barry, also experimented with alcohol and cocaine at this time, but none of this would not stop him from becoming President, or even go soft on drug enforcement as President. Now, the President has been called a lot of things: a socialist, a leftist, a marxist, a radical...and really none of that turns out to be true. Both the wall street and health care reform packages he pushed for and signed into law were fairly moderate. He's supported minimum wage increases, but also tax cuts. And he's been pretty tough when it comes to the war on terror: aside from giving the order to send in seal team six to take out bin laden, he's greatly expanded homeland security projects—including the controversial drone program.

What's going on guys? I'm Matt Rubel the editor, filling in for Michael McCrudden, and documenting the life of Barack Obama prior to fame—prior to his presidency—here for you on Before They Were Famous.

EDITOR: Matt @ Question Time

EDITOR: Keval Prajapati






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