LOUIE VEGA in The Lab LDN (Ministry of Sound X Groove Odyssey Takeover)

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Mixmag & Coors Light present Louie Vega in The Lab LDN.
The Masters at Work and house music legend plays our world famous office party.
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Louie Vega is in control for the Groove Odyssey takeover, toasting the launch of the new series of the party’s revered Ministry of Sound residency.
Louie Vega is a DJ of the highest calibre. Across a career spanning over 35 years he’s consistently provided dance music fans with innovative sounds and joyous cub experiences, playing at the best-loved nightspots across the globe. Working solo and in groups such as Masters At Work and Elements Of Life, he’s produced a mighty discography, including his remix of Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Superfly’ which landed Vega a Grammy award in 2006 .

Bookings don’t get much better than Louie Vega. When he steps up for Groove Odyssey at Ministry of Sound on Feb 10 the vibes inside are guaranteed to be off the scale. The bill also features the likes of Bobby & Steve, Jazzie B, Paris Cesvette, who is celebrating the release of her new album ‘Celestial’ which lands via Groove Odyssey Records on February 12, and more, tickets are on sale here: http://club.ministryofsound.com/listings/events/2018/february/groove-odyssey/
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