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Best Gaming Console You Can Buy Right Now

Best Gaming Console You Can Buy Right Now

With all the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch -- each with their own distinct features -- to pick from, and Sony discussing the forthcoming PS5's specs and cost, buying a video game console is not as easy a task as it was.  Throw in versions such as the PS4 Pro along with the Xbox One X and now things become somewhat more confusing.  You have come to the perfect location if you have been asking yourself what exactly you need to get the absolute most out of your console, and which is the best gaming console to buy, what to keep in mind before making a purchase.  Let us begin. 

What are gaming consoles and who needs one?

Gaming consoles are machines whose chief job is to play with games. Popular current-generation consoles include Sony's PS4 household of consoles, the most Nintendo Switch, along with Microsoft's Xbox One range.

If you're seeking to graduate in the likes of Candy Crush in your smartphone or you are a lapsed gamer whose final tryst with a controller was playing Super Mario Bros, gaming consoles would be arguably the most popular, cost-effective means to play video games.

If you want the flexibility and willingness of the PC system together with the ease of digital services such as Steam and GOG, in addition to the capability to mod your game, you need to think about building a gaming PC instead. However, for most folks, building or keeping a PC might be too much effort, hence gaming games provide the easiest means of getting started.

What you'll need before buying a gaming console

Before you rush out and buy Xbox One or even a PS4, there are some prerequisites. For one, you will want an online connection. This is because sport downloads are in excess of 30GB. Even in case you purchase games on disc, programmers keep updating them so if you want the latest, bug-free experience or whether you play online multiplayer, then you will want to upgrade the matches. The bare minimum should be a 5Mbps Internet connection in our expertise, however you'll be better served with faster Internet speeds, and undoubtedly generous data caps.

You'll also need an HDTV with HDMI input, or a monitor with HDMI input signal, using a native resolution of 1280x720 (720p) in the very least. This is because each console works via HDMI (and ships using an HDMI cable) and many games support resolutions of 720p and over. Ideally, you'd need a display with 1080p or 1440p. And in case you have the cash to splurge, a 4K TV using HDR is the thing to do for the best performance.

  Our top pick for most people — PS4 Slim

The PS4 Slim is the number one option for a host of factors. After a rocky launching, Sony India was able to guarantee a mass supply of this console, which makes it really simple to buy. Be it sites like Amazon or even Flipkart, large format retailers like Croma, Landmark, and Reliance Digital, or your neighborhood games shop, getting a PS4 is easy.

It helps there are many bundles to get you started like a 500GB PS4 Lean together using Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, Uncharted 4, and Gran Turismo Sport with three weeks of PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) -- that the internet service needed for internet multiplayer. It makes the price of Rs. 23,580 palpable as you won't need to get a new game or spent to play internet anytime soon. That is not counting the two PS4 games you get every month using a subscription to your service.

With great availability comes to support for the games console too. If anything goes wrong with your PS4 Slim during the very first year of purchase, Sony allows you to receive a brand-new console as opposed to issuing repairs to your existing unit. Then you can get a brand new console for up to 50 percent off to the MRP if your warranty has lapsed. In both cases, Needless to say, you will need to offer your guarantee card and proof of purchase.

This will not expand to PS4 consoles bought out India even if they're like the UK and the UAE from other PAL territories. Sony has verified that its guarantee terms stretch to PS4 consoles purchased in India together with BIS clearance just rather than components bought from the gray sector.

Support aside, there's a gigantic library of PS4 games out there. From large budget exclusives like Uncharted 4 along with God of War to Cartoon names like Pyre along with Transistor or quirky Japanese fare such as Persona 5 and that the Yakuza string, there's something for Everybody on the PS4. Most of these games wind up making it to India formally in part because of an efficient distribution network and as a result of the PS Store, Sony's electronic storefront to the console which now has prepaid cards so that you don't need to use a credit card.

In addition, it helps that there's a growing game industry that is used. With most new PS4 games priced between Rs. 3,499 and Rs. 3,999 it's not exactly cheap for many to purchase new games every month. Sites such as IndianVideoGamer and games allow you to purchase games that are used in prices that are reduced. Your mileage may vary with titles costing a bit more than those three to six months older naturally.

As an example, we were able to pick up Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, along with Nier Automata to get Rs. 4,500 combined. Not too shabby considering brand new versions of games could have set us back by about Rs. 7,500 in total.

In addition to being our overall pick, the PS4 Slim 500GB bundle with three matches and three weeks of PS Plus provides the best alternative for those on a budget too. The reason being you get three games which showcase the visual art of the system in addition to being great to perform with. With PS Plus thrown in, you get two games a month to the console as electronic downloads. All of this gives you a total of 3 strong exclusives and six extra titles to test out that means you can technically, wait for your initial 3 weeks of owning a PS4 Slim before purchasing new games for it or renewing PS Plus, in the very least.

How we picked

The consoles we considered were restricted to what is current in India officially with warranty and support. The initial PS4 and original Xbox One consoles that were offered at launch are omitted simply because of lack of widespread availability.

While the Nintendo Switch is still a game-changer for a few, it lacks the advantage in terms of availability -- equally in buying the games console and its games both physical and digital as Nintendo is not officially within India. This throws the Nintendo 3DS out of contention.

Although the PS3 and Xbox 360 may still be found in some pockets of the nation, they are not getting any new games also have been stopped by Sony and Microsoft respectively.

We have spent hundreds of hours with major offerings by both Sony and Microsoft, playing platform exclusives and other matches. We think the PS4 Slim is your ideal choice because of its relative significance and the absolute number and caliber of exclusives which Sony's platform offers, apart from several other reasons detailed below.

Should you buy a used or 'second-hand' console?

We can't say the same for purchasing a second-hand console although we'd recommend purchasing games pre-owned or utilized since they're sometimes referred to. While it's rather simple to ascertain if a secondhand game functions or not, a used console is a comparatively greater investment and whether or not it suffers from issues besides obvious, physical harm such as broken switches, it is difficult to figure out what might be wrong if you don't choose it apart.

A PS4 or Xbox One goes for 40 to 50 percent lower compared to a brand new one but much more often than not you shed out goes wrong. In case that you choose to buy a pre-owned console, you'll need to check if the former owner promised it nicely by inspecting dust develop in and around the unit, how noisy it gets once you start it up and once you play matches, and how hot it gets.

You can not really tell if something is not brief or incorrect with your purchase of the absence of a screen or games when starting the console up. The lack of any support or recourse makes it even more trouble than its value and we'd suggest staying away from the choice entirely.


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